Have you re-enrolled for Medicaid? Learn more about changes that could affect your coverage.

Insurance & Cost

At Canyon Vista Recovery Center, we aim to be as transparent and upfront as possible about the cost of treatment.

However, since we take a personalized approach to achieve sobriety, there is no single set rate for treatment.

We take into account your addiction history, insurance, and more, to create the program that will deliver long-term results. We do this at the most reasonable fee possible.

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Insurance Information

If you have insurance, we will explore your coverage to ensure you have the least amount of out-of-pocket expenses.

  • We accept most private insurance plans
  • Verification of insurance benefits takes less than an hour
  • If you don’t have insurance, we offer a private-pay cash rate
  • Plans can vary depending on your addiction history
  • Payment plans are available

We Accept Most Forms
of Insurance

Will Treatment Work?

As treatment professionals, we will do everything to give you the resources, encouragement, and advice needed for long-term recovery. We ask that you fully commit to the program and to yourself so that you can receive the full benefits our program has to offer. We work to help you succeed in your recovery.

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