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Cocaine Addiction

In the United States, the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health reports that 35.3 million Americans aged 12 and older reported having used cocaine.

In the United States, cocaine continues to be the most frequently mentioned illegal drug reported to the Drug Abuse Warning Network by hospital emergency departments. There were 422,896 emergency department visits involving cocaine reported in 2009.

Each person who seeks help at Canyon Vista Recovery will receive an individualized cocaine addiction treatment program. Physicians and therapists who are experts in drug abuse and addiction treatment will review the client’s entire history of substance abuse. They may uncover related addictions such as alcoholism, prescription drug abuse, or eating disorders that may have preceded or developed along with long-term cocaine dependency.

Our substance abuse treatment team also digs deeper than many drug rehab centers into the underlying causes and conditions of the entire addictive disease process. As a result, the team often identifies co-occurring disorders, which left unaddressed frequently lie at the root of cocaine relapses.

This individualized, medically-informed approach to treatment and recovery succeeds for many adults for whom other drug rehab programs fail. It helps our clients and their families reclaim their lives and establish themselves as members of the successful recovery community.

What Makes Our Cocaine Addiction Treatment Plans Successful?

Effective approaches to substance abuse treatment and recovery consider all available information about a resident and leverage the experience of the entire staff to customize each person’s treatment program. This collaborative approach is one of the distinguishing elements of cocaine addiction treatment at a leading rehab facility like Canyon Vista Recovery. It’s also one of the reasons why so many leading outpatient drug abuse and addiction specialists refer to us their patients who need more intensive treatment or who have struggled to sustain recovery in an outpatient setting.

Thorough Intake Assessment

Once admitted, each client undergoes a comprehensive medical assessment.

Each treatment team member provides an assessment within the client’s first days at Canyon Vista Recovery. The findings are integrated and reviewed with our entire clinical staff, including other therapists. As a result, our full knowledge about successful cocaine addiction treatment is integrated into each person’s treatment plan.

This cooperative approach gives the client input into the goals for their treatment and allows them to choose several elective elements of the program. Clients will be asked to sign off on treatment objectives and the progression of the treatment plan for cocaine abuse and any co-occurring disorders.

Looking Forward to Recovery

Following the initial care conference, the treatment team will meet weekly throughout the client’s stay and consult each other informally to monitor the client’s progress and to make sure their recovery needs are being fully supported. If new symptoms appear, a client may also undergo additional psychological testing or medical evaluation to ensure their cocaine addiction treatment considers all relevant aspects of their health.

How much is cocaine abuse costing your family – not just in dollars but emotionally and spiritually? Learn more about how you can help your loved one heal from addiction.

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