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Addiction Treatment Program in Arizona

Canyon Vista Recovery Center in Mesa, Arizona, is the greater Phoenix area’s Holistic Addiction Treatment Program

Our Holistic Treatment Approach is catered to the individual, not the diagnosis. We combine clinical, psychiatric, medical, and holistic treatments to create a custom program for each guest.

You’ll gain valuable life skills, build self-esteem, and find the support community you need to help you navigate life in recovery.

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Heal Through Our Comprehensive Treatment Program

At Canyon Vista, you will begin the work to address the underlying issues that played a role in your substance use and self-defeating behaviors. We will use a variety of therapeutic techniques and evidence-based practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness techniques to help kickstart the healing process while preparing you for long-term sobriety.

Clinical programming in the context of drug and alcohol rehab refers to the structured treatment interventions and therapeutic activities designed to address the individual needs of clients struggling with substance abuse disorders.

Addiction impacts every part of your life. Things like relationships, mood, employment, and self-esteem will all suffer. Our clinical team is here to help you identify these issues while we work together to overcome and heal from the damage addiction has caused in your life. We approach addiction and co-occurring disorders with a variety of evidence-based treatments. This program includes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and motivational interviewing, amongst others.

Your physical health falls off when you are in the midst of addiction. But physical activity has been proven to help you to heal faster from your medical conditions, lower your stress levels, and restore your brain function.

At Canyon Vista, we help you nurture your body back to health through activities like yoga, nature outings, swimming, working out, dance therapy, music therapy, and even gardening. Not only do these activities encourage healthy habits and living, but they will also help you develop bonds with other guests in the community and find shared interests. We also provide a healthy, balanced meal plan with an on-site nutritionist to help your body get the fuel it needs for recovery.

The relationship between addiction and mental health is complex and often intertwined. Here are some key points to consider:

Co-Occurring Disorders: Addiction and mental health disorders frequently occur together. This phenomenon is known as co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis. Individuals with substance use disorders are more likely to have underlying mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), or personality disorders. Conversely, those with mental health disorders may turn to substances as a way to self-medicate or cope with their symptoms.

We have a team of experienced psychiatrists that will help treat these conditions alongside your addiction. We also have registered nurses on-site at all times to provide medical care when needed.

Our bi-weekly equine therapy program allows clients to work on communication skills, self-confidence, team building, and leadership while addressing addiction and mental health in a safe and supportive environment with horses. Licensed clinicians who specialize in equine-assisted therapy will help you process your thoughts and feelings while you interact with and ride the horses.

Our guests attend daily 12-step meetings. Each week, you will also meet with members of our Canyon Vista alumni group. These alumni have been in your shoes and know there is a viable road to recovery. You’ll gain experience, strength, and hope from these powerful meetings and build a strong foundation for your recovery.

Addiction recovery is a group effort. Your family and loved ones are often hurt during your addiction and need their own time to heal, and will also need to learn how to help you with your ongoing recovery. You can heal together. It starts with individual sessions with your loved one and their primary therapist. The goal is to help your family understand addiction and learn how to best support you through the recovery process.

What are life skills? Life skills are abilities and behaviors that enable individuals to effectively navigate the challenges and demands of daily life. These skills are essential for personal development, social interaction, independent living, and achieving success in various domains.

Addiction doesn’t end when you leave our facility. Learn the life skills that you can apply to your life away from Canyon Vista to aid in your ongoing recovery. You will learn how to set goals, shop, cook, and deal with daily pressures that can trigger a relapse. Your self-esteem and sense of independence will grow with your newly acquired skills.

Navigating through your first year of recovery is all about risk management. We want you to know that we will continue to be here to help. We will regularly keep in touch with you and give you access to Trac9, our post-treatment software program, which will help to track your recovery progress. 

Overall, ongoing recovery support is a dynamic and multifaceted process that involves active participation, commitment, and ongoing engagement in various forms of support and self-care. By integrating these components into their daily lives, individuals can strengthen their resilience, maintain sobriety, and thrive in long-term recovery.

We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with resources that will help support you in your ongoing recovery

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