About Us: Canyon Vista Recovery Center

At Canyon Vista, you will start to address all aspects of your recovery and gain the self-respect and acceptance needed to start a new life.

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  • You will participate in therapy, exercise, and educational process groups.
  • You will learn about and practice nutrition; you will benefit from advanced holistic practices.
  • With the support of our structured environment, you will gain the ability to prioritize social, emotional, and physical issues.
  • You will gain awareness of the following effects of your substance use disorder:
    • Your relationships begin to fail
    • You start avoiding and lying to loved ones
    • You make up elaborate excuses to try and explain your abnormal behaviors
    • You have intensified mood swings
    • You become increasingly uncertain of yourself
    • You become unable to handle the growing number of problems in your life
  • In the simplicity and safety of our therapeutic environment, you will be able to fully self-disclose personal experiences with a total sense of understanding from your peers.
  • You will gain a sense of well-being based on the safety and harmony of your relationships with others in recovery. Being with others who are going through similar situations creates a sense of comfort and familiarity. This is a crucial component needed in your early sobriety.

For more information about Canyon Vista Recovery 
Contact us at
(888) 979-1840

For more information about Canyon Vista Recovery, contact us at
(888) 979-1840

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