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8 Recovery Podcasts Worth a Listen

Recovery podcasts, Recovery inspiration

You decided to live drug or alcohol-free and worked hard to become sober. You know lasting recovery from addiction takes daily commitment and hard work. Listening to recovery podcasts is an excellent resource to help safeguard your sobriety.

What Is a Recovery Podcast?

Recovery podcasts are audio programs accessible online that feature stories about recovering from addiction. Many of the hosts are people who experienced addiction themselves. On the podcast, they provide a sense of community by sharing their personal stories and experiences. Many hosts have guest speakers and provide time for listeners to call and ask questions and share experiences. Recovery podcasts provide listeners with inspiration and hope.

8 Recovery Podcasts to Listen To

Listed below are eight podcasts that are excellent resources for anyone in recovery. There are numerous episodes of each podcast available online for you to listen to at any time.

  1. Recovery Unscripted Podcast
    A weekly podcast, Recovery Unscripted provides an unfiltered and raw look at addiction and recovery. The podcast is hosted by the well-known comedian Russell Brand, a former addict. Brand shares his personal experiences with drug and alcohol addiction and his unique perspective on the challenges of recovery. Each podcast explores a relevant topic, such as addiction, addiction treatment, mental health care, addiction recovery, and the opioid crisis. There are in-depth conversations and guest speakers, such as opioid commission chairman Chris Christie, Obama drug czar Michael Botticelli, and Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker.
  2. The Alcohol & Drug Abuse Podcast
    Hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky, The Alcohol & Drug Abuse Podcast explores different topics related to substance use disorders and recovery. Each week, Dr. Pinsky, a well-known addiction specialist and physician, answers questions, such as how drugs or alcohol affect your body or brain, where alcohol and drugs originate from, or how drugs or alcohol negatively affect families. The host interviews experts in addiction and people who have personally experienced addiction.
  3. The Sober is Dope Podcast
    Founded and hosted by POP Buchanan, The Sober is Dope Podcast focuses on the transformative qualities of recovery, such as redemption and healing. Also known as The Sober Rapper, POP Buchanan is a hip-hop and boom bap lyricist and sobriety activist with ten years of sobriety. He shares his story of addiction and recovery to inspire others so they can also find peace and healing. Becoming sober helped POP Buchanan find true purpose and happiness.
  4. Recovery Radio Podcast | Long-Term Sobriety in A.A.
    The host of this podcast began using drugs and drinking at a very young age. He became sober in 1989 at the age of 18. In his podcast, the host shares his experiences and the 12 Steps in Alcoholics Anonymous. He discusses topics such as The Big Book, Spiritual Principles, Higher Power, and A.A. Miracles.
  5. The Dopey Podcast
    The Dopey Podcast was initially a show about funny addiction stories hosted by Dave and Chris, both in recovery. The podcast took a tragic turn when Chris relapsed and died of an overdose. Now the podcast delves into all aspects of addiction and recovery. It features guests each week that share their stories of addiction and recovery. Dave occasionally has celebrity guests, such as Dr. Drew, Jamie Lee Curtis,  Ray Brown, and Brandon Novak.
  6. The Seltzer Squad
    The Seltzer Squad began when two friends, Kate Zander and Jes Valentine, gave up drinking and decided to start a podcast. The friends were tired of hanging out in bars and watching their friends drink until they were drunk. They wanted to change their lives and build an online community to help others get sober.
  7. Janey Lee Grace | Alcohol-Free Life
    Grace’s podcast focuses on self-care in sobriety. She explores issues surrounding alcohol addiction and recovery without judgment and wants to inspire her listeners to be happy, healthy, joyful, and brave. She provides advice, motivation, and tips on living alcohol-free. Guest speakers include people who share their stories and experts in addiction and recovery.
  8. Clean or Sober Podcast
    Clean or Sober Podcast provides a place for people in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction to share their stories or talk about funny things that happened in their lives. They can share hopelessness and hope. Sometimes the topics in this podcast are sensitive. It is a place where people come together as a community with hope and strength.

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