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Five Motivational Podcasts for Addiction Recovery

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Podcasts are an excellent resource for many in recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction. Usually posted on a weekly or monthly basis, these online radio-like chats can be accessed from home, while on the way to work, or anywhere and anyplace you have time to listen.

Recovery-Related Podcasts

Most recovery-related podcasts are hosted by people who have experienced a substance use disorder. They share their experiences, personal anecdotes, and the valuable lessons and tips they have learned on their journey to recovery. Many podcasts provide their listeners a place where they can share their stories, offering advice, hope, and inspiration to others.

Listed below are five of the best recovery-related podcasts we’ve found. Each of these podcasts has numerous episodes available online and are accessible to anyone at any time.

The Sober Guy Podcast

After battling a drug and alcohol addiction for seventeen years, Shane Ramer sought treatment in 2013. Less than one year later, he created his podcast The Sober Guy. He wanted to share his journey to recovery and provide a platform for others to share their stories. During his podcast, Shane interviews a wide variety of guests ranging from celebrities to everyday people. Each one has experienced drug or alcohol addiction or has felt the devastation and impact of alcohol or drug use. The focus of Shane’s podcast is on living a healthy, positive, and sober lifestyle.

A Sober Girls Guide

Jessica Jeboult tried for ten years to get sober and is now living a clean and sober life. Her weekly podcast, A Sober Girls Guide provides lively conversations with guests about wellness, mental health, spirituality, and self-development. Although the podcasts are presented in a casual and witty way, they provide valuable tips on ways to get sober and stay sober. Jessica was inspired by her own journey from addiction to recovery and wellness and feels her mission is to provide her online community with guidance, tools, and motivation to help them with their personal growth and recovery.

The Bubble Hour

Sober since 2011, Jean McCarthy hosts the weekly podcast The Bubble Hour. During the podcast, a guest tells their story and then together they discuss different topics that relate to the guest’s recovery. Listeners are also invited to share their stories. Jean feels that although the podcast provides a service to others, it is an important part of her own recovery. She is dedicated to ending the denial and stigma associated with alcoholism and uses The Bubble Hour to help educate and inform others about the disease. Because of her work in recovery advocacy, she was awarded the Hope Award in 2017 from SheRecovers.

Busy Living Sober

In recovery for more than a decade, Elizabeth (Bizzy) Chance started her podcast Busy Living Sober after having her own practice as a trained recovery coach. But she decided seeing clients on a one-to-one basis was not for her. Elizabeth wanted to reach more people and knew a podcast would give people the chance to learn about living a sober healthy lifestyle without shame. She wanted it to be uplifting and fun. Her podcast supports all people affected by addiction, including families, friends, and co-workers.

Recovery Happy Hour

Tricia Lewis hosts and produces the Recovery Happy Hour podcast and has been living a sober life since 2016. While she was in active addiction, Tricia listened to podcasts and realized she was not alone in her struggle with alcohol addiction. It was those podcasts that gave her the strength and courage to seek treatment and recovery. She believes that people in recovery from a substance use disorder cannot do it alone. Recovery Happy Hour is her way of paying it forward by showing others that they are not alone in their struggle with addiction. Her platform provides a place where people share their recovery stories, proving that there is life after you stop drinking.

If You Need Help

Every one of these podcasts is a reminder that recovery is possible and you do not have to do it alone. If you or someone you care about is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, Canyon Vista Recovery Center, located in Mesa, Arizona, can help. There you will find a caring, professional, and supportive staff that will focus on treating all aspects of your disease using a combination of evidence-based addiction treatments, psychiatric care, and holistic therapies. Call and speak to a trained professional at Canyon Vista and learn how to take the steps you need to live a clean and sober life.

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